Street Kitchen

I’ve walked passed Streetkitchen many a time and now I’m kicking myself for not stopping by a little bit sooner. Nestled in amongst towering offices just off Broadgate Circle, the gleaming van stands valiant and proud.  Almost heckling at the Gaucho just a stones throw away across the square.

A joint collaboration between Mark Jankel and Jun Tanaka (formerly of Pearl) and launched in 2010, their aim is to serve simple and healthy bistro style dishes to people on the go.  All their ingredients are 100% UK sourced, with environmental sustainability in mind. Their menu changes frequently to show case seasonal British produce at its best, with meat, fish and vegetarian options to suit all appetites.

I chose the Mackeral dish at £7.50 – every element of the dish tasted good.  It was all well cooked, and very well seasoned. The mackeral fillets were pan fried with a slight crispy skin and moist flesh.  The crushed potatoes were buttery, the sprouting broccoli was still al dente and the roasted beetroot finished with a light vinegar dressing cut through the richness of the mackerel and buttery potatoes perfectly.

All served with a friendly smile, I’ll definitely be back for more.  At £7.50 it’s not the cheapest lunch to-go, but I’d rather spend an extra quid and get something seasonal, sustainable and cooked with passion, than eat from the many nondescript chain establishments that dominate the local area.

A new addition to the Airstream menu that I’ve been tucking into recently…(£6.50) soft poached eggs with roasted field mushrooms, buttery crushed potatoes, pickled red onions, Old Winchester Cheese, Roasted Tomato Pesto and Rosemary Breadcrumbs… word….YUM.   Makes a dull day at the office so much better.   I just wish they were open for breakfast!

Really appreciating Streetkitchens attention to detail with the dressings and ‘sprinkles’ on each of their dishes.  The roasted tomato pesto and rosemary breadcrumbs went fantastically well with the poached eggs and mushroom combo, and the pickled red onions added enough acidity to cut through the richness of the yolk and potatoes.

Perhaps the ‘Holy Grail’ choice for many at Streetkitchen is the Crispy chicken option (£7.50), with those signature potatoes, pickled red onions, bacon, chunky croutons, lettuce and Old Winchy Mayo.  Good to see chicken with the skin on for a change.  Yes it’s indulgent, but the extra calories are worth it as the chicken is cooked to crisp but moist perfection.